GovTech + Wallets + Digital ID

It is now possible to add State ID and Driver's Licenses to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet digital wallets in the US and Kazakhstan. Such electronic documents are always in the phone. Therefore, they are used on par with plastic (paper) documents on the territory of these countries.

Our case in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our company JETCLOUDSOLUTIONS OÜ, together with Freedom Bank KZ and the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, realized in 2022 the possibility of adding State ID cards to Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for all citizens of Kazakhstan.
This functionality is constantly expanding. It became possible to install in the Wallet with one request and one package:

  • State ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
GovTech + Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

How does it work in Kazakhstan?

Any Kazakhstani can add their documents to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet through the bank's website or QR code. It is not necessary to be a client of Freedom Bank; it is enough to have citizenship in Kazakhstan. The main advantage is that users get access to documents in a couple of clicks without installing and opening another application.

Where do digital documents work in Kazakhstan?

Digital documents are official in Kazakhstan and act on par with the paper version. With a digital document, you can get services at the Public Service Centers (PSCs), notaries, check in for domestic flights, and buy railway tickets in Kazakhstan.

GovTech + Wallets in other countries

Does your country have the infrastructure and need for such opportunities for citizens?
Our company has experience in implementation and willingness to participate in new GovTech projects.

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