NPS Surveys

Communication with your clients should be two-way!

Net Promoter Score and Wallet Service Provider

To fully understand what customers want, you also need to be able to hear them. Our JETCARDS Service allows you to conduct surveys, fill out forms and receive data from the client to calculate the NPS (Net Promoter Score). This can be done both immediately after purchasing a product, providing a service, or at any other time.

How to calculate NPS?

To calculate such a score, consumers need to answer one simple question: «How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?» on a 10-point scale. Where 0 is «Not likely at all», and 10 is «Extrimely likely». It's also good to get a comment from the consumer for this answer

Demo survey
Net Promoter Score Survey & Passes Service

According to the score consumers are divided into three groups:

Promoters (9 or 10 score)

Passives (7 or 8 score)

Detractors (0 to 6 score)

And the NPS is calculated as follows:

NPS = % Promoters - % Detractors

The Net Promoter Score is an absolute number lying between -100 and +100. It's not expressed as a percentage (a common mistake). This score is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in many companies.

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