Main features

Fast & easy new customer enrollment

Customize design, fields and privacy policy for your enrollment form in JETCARDS Service.

Motivate the client to register - offer a signup bonus!

Place QR-code in your offline locations and publish form link in social media.

Now you can collect name, phone, email, birthdate, sex and other customer data.

All new client will receive a digital pass for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet and be added to your ERP / CRM / POS automatically!

The enrollment forms allow check the uniqueness of data (phones & emails), confirm customer emails and phone numbers, restore customer passes via SMS & email.

Register and claim your Reward!

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Pass installation in a couple of clicks

You do not need to create your own application for iOS and Android, and your customers do not need to install something additionally on their smartphones. Just let them use well-know Apple Wallet and Google Wallet for your digital passes and documents!

The installation process takes just a couple of clicks and comes with instructions in 11 languages.

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The service supports several modern technologies for communication with your customers:

Unlimited push notifications for digital wallet passes (Apple Wallet, Pass2U, etc.)

Unlimited web push notigications for browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)

Unlimited geofencing (GPS) notifications for digital wallet passes (Apple Wallet, Pass2U, etc.)

Unlimited iBeacons notifications for digital wallet passes (Apple Wallet, Pass2U, etc.)

SMS messages

Viber messages

email messages

Campaigns & automatic messages:

Messages can be sent as a promo campaign for a specific customer segment

You can also configure automatic messages for client balance changes, birthdays and other events

Loyalty programs & gamification

Do you build long-term relationships with your clients? Then we are on the way!

JETCARDS Service will help you solve many issues:

Create a client database from scratch or import it from different sources

Deduplicate client data

Create and set up a loyalty program

Get your customers into the game so they spend more with gamification mechanics

Digitize loyalty cards, coupons and club cards using Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Pass2U, etc.

Communicate and collect feedback from your customers

Automate and optimize many of your customer interaction processes

Improve and track customer experience