JETCARDS service allows your company:

Creating digital insurance policies in the most popular digital wallets - Apple Wallet & Google Wallet and other digital wallets

Creating bundles of policies for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

Creating insurance policies in PDF

Bulk distributing digital insurance policies via email, SMS, Viber

Updating information for Apple Wallet & Google Wallet policies on user smartphones

Sending push notifications to Apple Wallet, other digital wallets, and browsers

Using automation for insurance policies (for example, sending messages before the policy expires)

JETCARDS service allows your clients:

Installing digital insurance policies with just a couple of clicks and with instructions in 18 languages.

Adding digital insurance policies and bundles in your own digital wallet and always carrying the document with you

Receiving updates and notifications for digital policies

Having short instruction (available offline) in case of insurance claims

Quick contacting hotline, email, and website in 1 click

Example of the process of issuing and delivery digital insurance policy to your clients:

1. Your customer orders the insurance policy on your website or your agents create orders in your CRM / ERP

2. Data from your website / CRM / ERP systems through the API are transferred to the JETCARDS® service. The service creates a digital insurance policy. The customer receives SMS / email with a link to the digital insurance policy.

3. The client uses links from SMS / email and installs the insurance policy in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet

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